Monday, April 16, 2018

Free-write Technique for Meeting 4/16/18

Loretta Willems  4/16/2018


Free-write technique: This is a type of brain storming. This is my own basic writing technique, one I learned when teaching writing to high school students, one I use almost daily:

 Ask yourself a question, write it down then start writing everything that comes to mind. Do not edit yourself before writing. Focus on words and phrases. Do not try to write in full sentences.

1. Old Photos
          Look at the picture and write all the words that come to mind. Do not write full sentences—write just words and phrases. Keep writing until time is up.

2. Chose a person you have been researching. Write down their name and then write the question:  Why does this person interest me? Start writing and keep writing until time is up.

3. Chose a person you have been researching. Write down their name and then write the question:  What is the story I see in this person’s life? Start writing and keep writing until time is up.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

WGS Research Group Meets in Ferndale on Friday

Genies meeting is Monday, April 16.  However, this week beginners to experienced genealogists will have another chance to gather to talk about genealogy projects and problems on Friday. 

Whatcom Genealogical Society Research Group Announces…

Who: WGS members and friends

What:  A hands-on informal opportunity to discuss genealogy research including but not limited to organization, DNA, navigating software, and technology.  Because this is a hands-on meeting, please bring your laptops, tablets, scanners, USB drives, and research with you.  A limited number of laptops will be available on site.  Help and answers will be “crowd-sourced” by attendees and there will be no formal lecture.

Where:  Ferndale Public Library, 2125 Main Street, Ferndale

When:  Friday, April 20th, 2-4 pm

DNA Living DNA Sale; MyHeritage Pro Bono Initiative

Big sale on Living DNA
One day only.  Expires Monday, April 16 at 11:59 GMT (Britain time).  Do it now. 

If you have already tested at AncestryDNA, if you have European ancestry, or if you have been thinking of adding another DNA test, consider Living DNA.  Marked down from $159 to $79.

It is normally $159 USD because the Living DNA test explores not just your family line ancestry, but also your direct motherline and direct fatherline if you are male! 

Adopted? Here’s another pond that you cannot transfer data to.

Curious?  In the fall they will start matching and will provide tree matches without you providing a tree.  They are building a universal tree and will match you with only your birthdate and gender.  How can they do that?  This is not for the doubting.

Be aware that this mother- and fatherline matching is not like Family Tree DNA which provides matching and surname projects and is much more expensive.

Get details here  At the bottom of the page is 50% off on including renewals.
MyHeritage has launched a new pro bono initiative to help adoptees and their families through genetic testing.  They are providing 15,000 MyHeritage kits, worth over one million dollars, for free, to eligible participants.  Preference will be given to people who are not able to afford genetic testing.  Applications are open until April 30, 2018.  Apply here testing. We are providing 15,000 MyHeritage DNA kits, worth more than one million dollars, for free, to eligible participants.