Sunday, June 18, 2017

Family Tree Magazine: Articles of Interest

Introducing longtime Ferndale Genie and guest contributor Rick Bell who wants us to know about the wealth of information found in Family Tree Magazine.  All of the articles listed are from Family Tree Magazine and are available from the Whatcom County Library System website using Zinio.  

June 19, 2017 “Ferndale Genies”

Ohio State Guide
FTM 2017 January-February issue, pages 37-40
Here you will find a short history of the state, date records were first collected and many
websites to aid in researching your Ohio families. Land records, Military records, Census
records as well as a map of all the counties can be found in these pages.

Total Coverage
FTM 2016 March-April issue, pages 42-46
Many option are listed in this article, which can be used to save and back up research files
as well as you family pictures.

Underused and Undiscovered
FTM 2017 March-April issue, pages 64-72
29 websites (which in general are not used regularly in genealogy research), but may provide you with important information.

Four Must-Have Genealogy Apps
FTM 2016 January-February issue, page 60
Since these are “Apps” for your smart phone, iPad or tablet they will be more help to the more advanced researchers than the beginners. 

FTM 2017 March-April issue, pages 32-36
This article explains Fold3 and how to use the website for research military records. This site is a “membership site” but, there is an option for some basic information, which is FREE.

May 15, 2017 “Ferndale Genies” list of articles:

America Gets Digitized, FTM 2016 December issue, pages 22-27
Family Search, FTM 2017 March-April issue, pages 24-27
Funeral Records, FTM 2016 December issue, pages 64-65
Obituaries Online, FTM 2015 May-June issue, pages 8-9
United Kingdom Census Records, FTM 2017 March-April issue, pages 58-63

Accessing Family Tree Magazine Online with Zinio

Guest post from Sarah Koehler, Ferndale Library Manager

Did you know you have full access to Family Tree magazine through the Whatcom County Library System’s digital collection? Using Zinio you can check out the current issue, and back issues as well. 

The best part is that you do not have to return the magazine, nor is there a limit.

To get started you will need your Whatcom County Library System card, or a Bellingham Public Library card and your 4 digit pin (usually the last four digits of your phone number). You will sign up for a Zinio account, and if you are planning to read the issues on your Desktop or Laptop you are now good to go!

If you would rather read ‘zines on your device simply follow this link for directions: or stop by any of our branches and we’ll help you get started.

Thank you, Sarah