Wednesday, April 5, 2017

MacEntee's Bargains

If you like bargains and haven't seen Thomas MacEntee's ebook 15 Habits of Highly Frugal Genealogists, get on over to this site:

(Truth in advertising there are really over 30 habits with many of his special deals for 2017).

Thomas is a genealogy professional and blogger who pays the rent by making deals with genealogy services...sometimes exclusive...for his followers.  Sometimes as small as free shipping (nothing to sneeze at) and sometimes 50% off a big ticket item.  And if you just want to be informed every day of the status of the bargains and be warned of the last day, try his site here:

And my standard disclaimer:  I am not receiving any compensation or free gifts for this blog post. I just like him.

New Feature "Genetic Communities" from Ancestry DNA

Ancestry has announced a new DNA feature that has the genealogy community humming. All the bloggers are writing about it. It's called Genetic Communities. On your DNA Results home page where the Ethnicity Estimate has always been, you will see the Ethnicity Estimate "thousand of years ago" and under that Genetic Communities "hundreds of years ago". They are starting out assigning people to 300 Genetic Communities based on their DNA and locations in their trees. You can get a list of people who share your DNA and the community.

The pros think this is really cool and I especially like the historical information about each location broken down by time periods.

I suggest a favorite blogger, Blaine Bettinger at It's the third post down. Another favorite of the Genies is Rebecca Estes at

We'll being hearing a lot more about this and a similar new feature at Family Tree DNA called "Population Clusters".