Tech: Excel Tips

Excel Tip Sheet

1.     Getting Started:
a.     Open Excel
b.     Select Blank Worksheet (rows and columns, cells)
c.      Widen Columns (at the top right edge of the column you want to widen)
d.     Start Typing
e.     Find (on Home tab)
f.       Save As, Save
g.     Sort (Highlight section to be sorted, Data—Sort—Enter columns to sort—OK)
h.     Copy down the column (Ctrl D, Need to fill empty cells if you are sorting.)
i.        Wrap text (on home tab)
j.        Double click at top of column to resize the column to fit the longest entry.
k.      Column headings:  Freeze Panes, Wrap
l.        Multiple worksheets in one workbook.  Open and rename worksheets at bottom.
2.     Parts of worksheet:
a.     Quick Access at the top
b.     Menu bar or Ribbon:  File, Home, etc.
c.      Formula Bar: displays the cell where the cursor is
d.     Spreadsheet Grid
3.     Basic functions:
a.     Quick Access: Undo, Redo, Print, Save
b.     File: Save, Save As, Print
c.      Home: Fonts, Wrap Text, Find/Replace
d.     Insert: Page break, Header (date and time), Footer
e.     Layout: Think about Print.  Page Setup, Margins, Set/Clear Print Area, Print Gridlines, Page Break, Header, Footer
f.       Data: Sort (mark if data has headers)
g.     View:  Freeze Panes (freezes headings)
h.     Help, Big ?
i.        Column Headings
4.     Resources:  Free online tutorials at Goodwill for 2010, 2013 and 2016 versions of Excel.

Judith Culver


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