Favorite Webinars

Webinars are great for people who are looking for in-depth classes on specific topics and who can devote an hour to an hour and a half to watching.  The presenters tend to be some of the most educated and experienced in their specialty.

Some of you may wonder what makes it a webinar.  A webinar is typically broadcast live by the person who wrote the material and is accompanied by slides and a 2 to 4-page syllabus.  Usually there is a way for asking questions. Some times the live chat has a lot of comments and information from the other viewers.  Legacy Webinars (below) also has giveaways and a question and answer period.   

One of my favorite webinar providers is Legacy Family Tree Webinars  at familytreewebinars.com.   Free webinars every Wednesday plus some Tuesdays and Fridays.  You register for the free live webinar and they will email you instructions.  Whether you watch it live or not, you will have free access for a week. 

Click here to see the 2018 schedule and to register:  Click here to register.

While you are there, sign up to receive info about webinars added during the year. 

Or, you can become a member. Members pay around $50 a year for access to all the webinars all the time in the archives, access to the syllabus, and other perks.  That is, access to over 600 webinars covering all types of genealogical subjects – Basic to advanced including research techniques, US & foreign research, DNA, etc.-- and have access to over 2,200 pages of handouts.  While viewing, you also have access to the playlist so you can jump ahead to the section you want.  

Family Search has oodles of free and archived webinars you can access here: 
You will see Upcoming Webinars.  Some have the handouts already available.  Then Past Webinars.  Some Past Webinars just have handouts, no video.

Family Search also has a list of other sources for webinars. https://www.familysearch.org/wiki/en/Webinars_and_Online_Classes_from_outside_FamilySearch

The Southern California Genealogical Society has free webinars on Saturdays. 

Their twice-monthly webcasts with knowledgeable genealogists to help grow what you know.  The SCGS webinars are free but archived videos are for members only.  They would love to have you join. 

https://www.ancestry.com/academy/courses/recommended  has changed from paid videos to FREE.

http://blog.geneawebinars.com  Check out the calendar tab for a wide variety of webinars.

I don’t know if YouTube qualifies as a webinar, but there are thousands of genealogy videos there.  Family Search, Ancestry.com, and Lisa Louise Cooke are among many you could search for.  Or search for a specific topic.

Lastly, if you are looking for something particular, try Cyndi’s List.  Cyndi is a Washington genealogist who categorizes genealogy websites and has hundreds of thousands of links on her site.  For webinars, try this:

Best of all, google “free genealogy webinar” with your topic. 

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