Tech: Google

Google ignores capital letters and punctuation except in operators.
·         Quotations for an exact match, assures that the word or phrase will appear in every result exactly the way you typed it, ex: “ferndale library”.
·         AROUND for words near each other, ex:  Ferndale AROUND library
·         Two periods for range of numbers:  ex:  1850..1860
·         $ for price,  ex: $40..$50
·         Minus sign to exclude words, ex: Robinson -Jackie -baseball
·         Asterisk holds a place of a character or keyword wildcard.  It replaces up to 5 words.  Ex: “John * Smith” will pick up middle names and initials in the middle. 
·         OR to return results with either word, ex: Ferndale OR Bellingham
·         Site: to search a single site, ex:
·         Tilde symbol (~) will force Google to show additional synonyms (and related words) for your query. Ex: a search for robinson ~vital records leads Google to return results including "vital records," "birth records," "marriage records," and more.
Operators can be mixed and matched as needed. There is no limit to search query length.

Also remember that the first few results returned by Google are ads.  Scroll down a little to see the results you are looking for. Instructions for Basic Google Search and Advanced Google Search  25 Google Search Tips for Genealogists

                                                                                                Judith Culver  

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