Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Podcasts by John

In order to save class time, Judith asked me to give you a quick explanation of Podcasts via the blog. Podcasts are basically broadcasts over the Internet. The definition of a Podcast is as follows:
       Podcast:  A digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.
So, while you're sitting there trying to figure out how to break through a 'brick wall', you might consider a short distraction by checking out what's available to listen to. You can find Podcasts by doing a Google search looking for 'genealogy podcasts'. Cyndi's List, which comes up in the search, has a wide selection of available podcasts. Others listed in the search are Genealody Guys and Genealody Gems. I've listed the links below.
Most of the Podcast sites provide a description of the current topic as well as topics from previous episodes. When you find a subject which interests you, just click on it to listen. Don't forget to turn on your speakers!
Genealogy Guys

Have fun!


Friday, July 14, 2017

Rick's Picks

Again Rick is providing five articles of interest.  Our thanks to Rick!!

Ferndale Genies,
Listed below are this month’s Zinio articles that might help you in your search for family members and important information about them and how and where they lived.
Remember, these articles are from Family Tree Magazine and are available from the Whatcom County Library System website using Zinio.

Breaking Out
FTM 2016 March-April issue, pages 54-59
This article gives you some alternate websites that can be used to help you in your research. You will have to think a little outside the box, but
these websites may take you to more helpful information you about your search.

Mistaken Identities
FTM 2016 January-February issue, pages 22-28
Here you will find clues on aided in confirming a person’s identity. Years ago, family names were passed down through generations. It is common to have multiple people with the same name with different spellings.

Overlay Maps in Google Earth
FTM 2015 July-August issue, pages 64-65
Want to see where your ancestors lived? Google Earth allows you to show you with today’s satellite mapping technolog, what the area looks like today where families lived years ago. You will have to download Google Maps on your computer, it is FREE and easily downloaded.

75 Best State Websites
FTM 2015 December issue, pages 16-23
All states are listed here and these websites are focused specifically on just that state.

Add A Source
FTM 2015 May-June issue, pages 55-57
Document your information. It is necessary to record where you find information about your ancestors and note any discrepancies in your information. Birth and death dates can often be slightly different. With multiple people recording the same information mistakes are made.
Example: Uncle Clyde died 11:30 pm at home and by the time the news got out the date was recorded the next day or Grandma wrote in the family Bible what she thought the date was.